This Inspirational Reaction To The London Terrorist Attack Might Actually Help Heal The World

Flickr / E01
Flickr / E01

Saturday evening a 29-year-old man stabbed three people in the Leytonstone underground station. While committing his crimes, he shouted “this is for Syria!” causing the British government to treat the stabbing as an act of terror.

In a video recorded of the terrorist’s arrest, a passerby shouts “You ain’t no Muslim Bruv!” which has sparked a social media movement.

Over 70,000 people have tweeted their agreement that this terrorist absolutely does not represent the Islam faith. That is to say, this madman’s act of terror does not, and will not, represent the vast majority of Muslim people.

Here are some of the tweets from Muslims and non-Muslims alike:












This is awesome in two different ways. First, it shows that the British general public are starting to realize that the worst of Islam cannot hold a candle to the best of Islam (much like other religions), and that agents of terror do not represent Muslims. Secondly, it is awesome see real Muslims help educate people about what Islam is truly about.

A truly heartbreaking terror attack, but an inspirational response. This how things get better. TC mark

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