Man Sells Himself On Craigslist As Real Life ‘Elf On The Shelf’

The “Elf on the Shelf” is one of the weirdest holiday traditions out there. In the days leading up to Christmas, an doll elf “appears” inside your home to watch kids and basically scare them into being good for a few weeks so that Santa shows up with lots of gifts.

Well, a Boston man has taken this tradition a few steps further, and I can’t decide if it is super hilarious or super weird:

Meet your “living Elf on the Shelf!”

Boston Craigslist
Boston Craigslist

The ad itself says:

“For $100/hour I will come to your holiday party dressed as the Elf on the Shelf and sit in any location you assign me while I stare emptily at your guests for the duration of the event.

I specialize in holiday-themed events, either yours or an un-expecting friend’s, but I also offer contracted private investigation and babysitting services. Please inquire about these rates, as they are negotiable based on the task at hand.

My services have been in high demand this season, so I now require at least 48 hours notice in advance of any bookings and appreciate your understanding.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

[whatever you want my name to be]”

Is it just me, or does $100 an hour seem like a pretty hefty fee to pay someone for just sitting and staring at people? Also, what the heck is up with —

I also offer contracted private investigation and babysitting services

Just seems like an interesting assortment of services, is all.

Apparently Craigslist thought it was a little too interesting, because they have flagged the page for removal.

Boston Craigslist
Boston Craigslist

I guess we missed our chance! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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