Here’s How Your Favorite Celebrities Celebrated Christmas

Taylor Swift dressed up as an elf and made puns

Kim Kardashian wore a badass fur cape (??)

Katy Perry got sprayed with silly string

Michelle Obama tracked Santa’s journey around the world

Nicki Minaj made a custom Santa-costume that was HOT

Neil Patrick Harris’s family was absolutely adorable as per usual

Miley Cyrus took selfies with her cat

Kylie Jenner wore a dope Christmas outfit and got a pic with mom

Britney Spears went to church

Paris Hilton made us all envy her house

Jessica Alba spent the day with Grandpa <3

Heidi Klum received some almond bread

Kourtney Kardashian baked some cupcakes that we all really want now

Julianne Hough was nostalgic

And so was Justin Bieber

Ariana Grande bragged about her uncle’s gift-giving skills

Nina Dobrev snapped the merriest selfie ever!

Tyra Banks prolly got weird

Nicholas Cage took picturesque photos of himself

Adele was perfect (but in a Christmas-y sort of way)

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