Here Are All The People More Concerned About Keeping Their Guns Than Stopping Mass Shootings

Twitter / WSYX ABC 6
Twitter / WSYX ABC 6

Another day, another shooting in America.

Earlier today there was a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. Three terrorists attacked a government employee social event that was taking place on the campus of a healthcare facility for the care of disabled adults, and unleashed horror; killing at least 14 and injuring another 12.

After almost all of these tragedies there is an outpouring of grief, thoughts, and prayers. But as President Obama eloquently said after this year’s shootings in Oregon this past October, our thoughts and prayers are no longer enough. We need action. Instead of having a productive dialogue about what that action should be, there is a great and growing segment of the population who are prioritizing their easy access to guns over solving this monumental problem of terror.













I will be the first to say that I do not know what the exact answer is to this horror. A blanket ban on guns may be unfair and ineffective, but I think there are common sense steps — like regulating gun shows and setting up universal background checks — that are easy places to start.

I also think that we all need to start with the idea that the right to human life, the right to keep breathing and existing on this planet, outstrips one’s right to liquid access to firearms.

I hope we can get there. Until then, I still give my thoughts and prayers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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