Fox News Contributor Says White Privilege Is Racist Against White People

Meet Fox News Contributor and editor Katie Pavlich.

Youtube / Viewing Liberty
Youtube / Viewing Liberty

A few days back, a bunch of white people on the O’Reilly Factor were discussing the idea of “white privilege” and whether it was going too far. Bill O’Reilly, specifically, was criticizing a college retreat where students were challenged to “confront their white privilege.”

Bill O’Reilly asked the two white women in the discussion if they ever attempted to confront their white privilege.

That is when Katie Pavlich gave this stunning (not in a good way) response:

Youtube / Viewing Liberty
Youtube / Viewing Liberty

“Confronting my white privilege is going to the tanning salon. Don’t worry, it’s a spray tan.”

Youtube / Viewing Liberty
Youtube / Viewing Liberty

She goes on to expound on her remarks:

“But look, were talking about this white privilege issue, and yes its funny, and easy to laugh at, but I actually think it is quite racist.”

Even Bill O’Reilly questioned this logic, asking how exactly it is racist:

“You’re being prejudiced toward people based on the color of their skin. I reject the idea that only white people can be racist when white students on these campuses being ostracized for the color of their skins.”

Watch the full video here:

Examining one’s privilege is not racist, it is being aware. It is looking deeper into your life and seeing the instances where the institutional arrangement of the world has favored you because of your identities (race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status etc).

Being cognizant of the benefits you have had in your upbringing, and life since, does not mean hating your race. It means developing empathy and compassion for those who may be struggling because they did not have the same benefits you had. And being asked to “check your privilege” does not mean someone is being racist toward you, it probably means you are not being realistically in-tune with other people’s experiences. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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