Everyone Is Laughing At This Polling Firm’s Hilarious Response To A Random Conspiracy Email Predicting Violent Civil War

Public Policy Polling is a leading national polling company that works hard to figure out exactly what Americans think about a myriad of given issues. They poll folks about politicians, ideas, and even non-existent places, to try to determine what makes America tick.

As it turns out, they also have a tremendous sense of humor. The day after Christmas, they received this…extreme (??) email from someone who had an issue with their polling.

Twitter / Public Policy Polling
Twitter / Public Policy Polling

Apparently this individual had conducted his own polling, which was infinitely more accurate than PPP’s, and then went on to warn them about the violent revolution that would occur if Donald Trump didn’t become President. That’s pretty darned kind of him.

But wait, there’s more!

Twitter / Public Policy Polling
Twitter / Public Policy Polling

The opinion of the guy penning the email seems to be that PPP is cooking the numbers to make Hillary and Rubio look like they are polling better than they really are. His proof seems to be the small assortment of Texans that he’s randomly canvassed at local gun shows and Walmart stores.

How do you even respond to all this?? Here’s how:

Twitter / Public Policy Polling
Twitter / Public Policy Polling

People seem to really be getting a kick out of this!

I love the internet. TC mark

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