Conservatives Are Throwing A Shitfit Over This ‘Pro-ISIS Rally’ That’s Actually Muslims Protesting Against Terrorism

There is a Facebook post out there that has been gaining quite a bit of traction in far-right conservatives circles:

The post claims that there was a pro-ISIS parade in Dearborn, Michigan after the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino. It goes on to theorize that the “liberal media” refused to report on this swarm of “ISIS flags” and sympathizers because of “politically correctness.”

People were pretty angry about this:

Facebook / Joseph DAlessio
Facebook / Joseph DAlessio
Facebook / Joseph DAlessio
Facebook / Joseph DAlessio

This seems to justify anti-Islam feelings, right?? These Muslims are waving the ISIS flag after a major terror event! They hate America, right? Right?!?

Actually, pretty much 100% wrong.

Firstly, there doesn’t appear to be an “ISIS flag” anywhere in the crowd. The ISIS flag looks like this:

This is the ISIS Flag

The majority of the flags being waved in the street are green and red, so no, no ISIS flags to be seen.

If these angry conservatives had been willing to do one tiny bit of research before dumping their righteous fury online, they might have realized that this rally was actually in opposition to ISIS.

The event in question was a group of Muslims gathering to oppose acts of terror being committed in the name of their faith. They were not applauding terrorism, they were condemning it.

Wxyz News
Wxyz News

Local Arabs and Muslims gathered to wave flags and banners that said things like:

  • “Judaism + Christianity + Islam = Religions Of God”
  • “ISIS will never be able to stand if the world is able to understand.”
  • “Pray to end terrorism and destruction”

They also yelled cheers like:

“No more ISIS in the world!”

This march was a huge opportunity for unity among the faiths. It was a chance for all people, regardless of faith or lack thereof, to grasp hands and, with one voice, deplore all terrorism.

We must keep our eyes on who the true enemies of humanity are: terrorists. Not Muslims, not Christians, not any singular religion — terrorists. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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