14 Tweets From Martin Shkreli That Are Somehow As Terrible As He Is


Remember that pharmaceutical CEO, Martin Shkreli, who raised the cost of an HIV drug by 5000%, told the world that he would lower the price, lied, and now is pretty much hated by everyone?

Yeah, I think we all do.

So, he’s recently been chucked in jail — not for raising the price of the drug or being an asshole — but rather, because he improperly used company funds to pay off investors he defrauded in various ponzi schemes.

Well, as it turns out, Shkreli likes to tweet. He tweets a lot, and most of it is pretty much straight-up nonsense:

Take a gander:

1. He jacks up drug prices so he can rap for free

2. And NOTHING could be more meaningful than that!

3. He complains about the publicity he brings upon himself

4. And the people who cover it.

5. He likes selfies a lot.

6. He wants everyone to see his pretty side

7. But if you can’t, he can probably buy your opinion with his $$$

8. Doesn’t waste time being humble

9. Because everyone loves him.

10. And someday, people will love him even MORE!

11. He tries really hard to be funny

12. But man, sometimes his sense of humor leaves something to be desired.

From trying to mock the journalists that exposed him, to making nonsensical tweets about Tupac and his personal rapping career, could this guy get any more awful? TC mark

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