What The Hell Was In The Sky Above Los Angeles Last Night? #UFO

Youtube / Julien Solomita
Youtube / Julien Solomita

It started as just a tiny speck in the sky:

Youtube / Julien Solomita
Youtube / Julien Solomita

but after only five minutes it morphed into a giant “what-the-f*ck-is-that” blob.

Youtube / Julien Solomita
Youtube / Julien Solomita

As people shared photos and stories of this bizarre object on social media, folks also began speculating about why the government wasn’t commenting. Was there a coverup going on? Was this thing a real UFO?

As CBS Los Angeles reported, the military claims that the light was from a Trident missile test, fired from a nearby submarine.

Do you believe that though? TC mark

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