This Viral Facebook Post Completely Slays The Religious Right

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There has been a lot discussion lately about the status of refugees and whether nations will continue to help asylum-seekers in light of the horrific attacks on Paris. Many conservative Governors across the United States have pledged to shut their doors, and while they have no real power to do so, are trying to prohibit migrants from entering their states.

This anonymous Facebook user was getting weary of the hypocrisy from certain “Very Religious” Christians who “love Jesus” but seem to hate his children. So he made this Facebook post that presents a hypothetical, but extremely accurate, conversation between a religious right Christian and himself:

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The story of the birth of Jesus is about refugees trying to return home for a census, and not being given anywhere but a barn to stay. Do you seriously think Jesus would tolerate this bullshit about not helping refugees who need help? Seriously?! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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