Social Media Helped Grant Dying Man’s Wish To See New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

 Twitter via WHO-HD Ch. 13 News
Twitter via WHO-HD Ch. 13 News

In early September 32-year-old Daniel Fleetwood was told that he had aggressive spindle cell sarcoma cancer, and only a few months to live. An avid fan of the “Star Wars” series, he hoped to prolong the fight long enough to see the franchises’ seventh episode, “The Force Awakens,” this December.

Unfortunately, Fleetwood’s condition began to deteriorate quickly. It became clear to him and his family that he would not make it to the official movie release. That was when his wife took to social media in an attempt to make his dying wish come true.

Fans and non-fans alike were moved by the emotional story, and joined in the campaign. The hashtag #ForceForDaniel was created, and thousands of people made tweets and posts urging Disney and LucasFilm to grant an early showing.

As the social media campaign waged on, however, Daniel’s condition continued to spiral downward.

But then, thanks to massive social media exposure, some of the “Star Wars” cast began to get involved…

Twitter via Mark Hamill
Twitter via Mark Hamill

And suddenly, a wave of jubilation echoed through The Force. Thanks to the determination of a loving spouse and some good people on the internet, Fleetwood got his dying wish.

This marks a New Hope for humanity on the internet. TC mark

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