Here Are 8 Things We Learned From Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer

Youtube / TheEllenShow
Youtube / TheEllenShow

1. Nemo and Marlin are both still living in the good ole’ anemone.

2. But Dory is now their neighbor! She lives in what appears to be some sort of shell / coral structure.

3. Dory seems to have a problem with “sleep-swimming.” Nemo suspects it is more persistent, while a grumpy Marlin dismisses it.

4. Dory’s dreams have something to do with family, as she mutters “Don’t cry mommy, don’t cry,” while sleeping. She also mumbles something about how she “can fix it.”

5. All the main characters appear to be the same age that they were in “Finding Nemo,” meaning that this story must occur not long after the first film.

6. Nemo is still going to school, and Mr. Ray is still the teacher.

7. Dory suddenly remember something about her family, which seems like it might be the catalyst for the entire film.

8. Despite this, her lovable short term memory remains an issue. She seems to experiences bursts of memory, and then fails to remember whether she was talking about her family or… a clam.

Watch the full trailer below:

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