38 Easy Things You Can Do Every Day To Avoid Becoming Jaded In Life

Flickr / Sarah Murray
Flickr / Sarah Murray

1. Create an upbeat playlist. Music is incredibly powerful, and can really help bring forward positive emotions even in the absence of raw positivity.

2. Go out of your way to help somebody you don’t really know.

3. Pay for somebody’s Starbucks order. Tiny acts of kindness can have huge impacts.

4. When someone treats you poorly, imagine that they are having the worst day of their life. Let yourself feel compassion, even if you want to be pissed.

5. Take mini social media holidays. Disconnect. Let yourself experience total, complete, silence.

6. And when on social media, make posts about others, rather than yourself. Tweet someone “good morning.” Make a Facebook post about something cool someone did.

7. Validate your own emotions, positive and negative. Emotions are never “pathetic.” Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal.

8. And validate other people’s emotions too, even when it is easier to resent them.

9. Keep a journal. Actually try to write in it regularly if you can.

10. Make time for your spiritual practices, meditation, or yoga.

11. Get lost in a book. Like, don’t just read it, get completely lost in it. Adventure in that world, take a short break from ours.

12. Keep your space clean. Waking up in a clean room can help your everyday life feel less cluttered too!

13. Avoid negatively comparing yourself to other people. You are you.

14. Make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished. Read over it every once and awhile.

15. Then make a list of all the people who’ve helped you accomplish them.

16. Don’t settle. Not in your career, not in a partner, not in life, not period.

17. But also forgive yourself for failing every once and awhile.

18. Spread positive gossip. When other co-workers are around the water cooler complaining about someone, talk about something nice they did.

19. Apologize frequently. When you screw up, own it. You can’t force someone to forgive you, but saying “sorry” is the first step in forgiving yourself.

20. Talk to that cute person at the bar. Stop wondering “what if?” Stop letting regret worm itself its way your heart.

21. Tell yourself you are awesome. Say it out-loud if you have to. Say it until you believe it.

22. Confront people who make you feel upset. Whether it is a friend, a family member, or your boss, holding in resentment and anger is terrible for everyone.

23. Take risks. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Daring to fail is oftentimes the first step in achieving your dreams.

24. Dream big. Don’t see adversity as an “obstacle” see it as a “challenge to be overcome.”

25. Let someone else have your seat on the bus or subway.

26. Be patient. We are always in a hurry, but in our speed, we sometimes miss the finer points of humanity.

27. Surround yourself with people who have different opinions than your own. This will help you remember how big the world is.

28. Try to find one good thing in everyone, even if it is someone you might not get along with.

29. Love someone that the world see as unlovable. Maybe a classmate without many friends, or a homeless person on a street you frequent.

30. Give stuff away when you can. Donate money to a charity, donate your time to a food pantry.

31. Always assume the best in people, even if you are left disappointed from time to time.

32. Remind someone how grateful you are for their role in your life. They might not know.

33. Smile, even on the days it is hard. More importantly, give a smile to someone who might be having an even worse day than you.

34. Have a conversation with someone about something the two of you strongly disagree on, but don’t let it turn into a debate.

35. Have sex with someone you care about.

36. Run. Lift weights. Let your body sweat out negativity.

37. Let go of anything that is hurting you. Stop texting the guy who won’t commit. Let go of the ex-friend who doesn’t value you.

38. Never forget the power of the sunrise and the brand new day it brings. Never lose hope. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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