The Internet Is Going Nuts Over This Swedish Bartender Who Looks EXACTLY Like 90s Leonardo DiCaprio

Who is this? What is this?

If your first guess was a 1990s stock photo of Leonardo DiCaprio you aren’t correct, but you also aren’t alone in thinking that.

The internet has been doing crazy over 21-year-old bartender Konrad Annerud, who just so happens to look just like famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. But he isn’t.

“I am told I resemble Leo quite often,” Annerud says. Though he adds that it can also be annoying when people call him “Leo” rather than his actual name.

That being said, he certainly does not mind the comparison.

“It’s fun to look like him. I mean, he’s handsome.”

You can see all these pictures, and more, on Konrad Annerud’s Instagram. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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