President Obama Can’t Get Over This Adorable ‘Baby Pope’ Costume

President Obama sure does see a lot of different kids in different costumes at the White House’s Halloween Party.

Youtube / Beep
Youtube / Beep

But this year, there was one that totally made him lose his cool.

This adorable kid in a Pope costume, with Pope-mobile and all!

The President just couldn’t get enough of this clever get-up.

Youtube / Beep
Youtube / Beep

“This is the first non-work related thing you’ve paid attention to in 8 years,” Michelle thought probably.

But seriously, how cute can you get?

“Top prize!” President Obama said about the baby Pope costume. “Top prize!”

Obama shook hands with the child’s guardian before resuming the candy hand-out to the other, not quite so glam, costumed characters.

Youtube / Beep
Youtube / Beep

Congrats on winning Halloween, little theologian.

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