People Are Getting Naked And Posing As Frozen Chickens — A Guide To Today’s Internet Shitshow #FrozenChooks

It seems that the world can barely survive without some kind of viral internet “contest” or “challenge.” This fad, however, is a little outside the box (or should we say, outside the pen).

#FrozenChooks is a rising movement that encourages people to strip off their clothes, and pose as frozen poultry.

Sometimes the pictures are taken in professional settings:

And often, the pose is made in a very public area.

Participants in the challenge get naked and assume a position that resembles a frozen chicken that one might find in their freezer.

^ The excessive alcohol in this photo are relatively unsurprising.

Is the guy on the road cheating? It looks like he still has pants on. Also how did those people get on the roof??

The movement has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s humble beginnings and rising popularity seem to be most prominent in New Zealand.

Take your #FrozenChooks picture before all the cool kids are doing it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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