Novelist Meg Rosoff Says It Isn’t Important To Have Minorities In Literature

Novelist Meg Rosoff, author of How I Live Now says that minorities don’t need to be represented in literature.

Facebook via Twitter / Gav Reads
Facebook via Twitter / Gav Reads

Her comments were directed at Large Fears, a new book that follows the life and challenges of a queer African American boy.

“You don’t need have to read about a queer black boy to read a book about a marginalized child.”

People have been commenting on social media in opposition to Rosoff’s opinion:

Indeed, her argument that “books are here to teach kids about the world” but they don’t have “a job” seems a tad contradictory.

Representation of minorities in literature, film, and culture helps expose people to new ideas, backgrounds, and points of view. Having a well rounded cast of experiences in literature seems to be a high level of importance if your goal is to write about a truly authentic society.

In her defense, however, Rosoff did just retweet someone totally ragging on her, which is impressive in a weird sort of way. TC mark

Twitter / Meg Rosoff
Twitter / Meg Rosoff


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