Mark Wahlberg Asked The Pope For Forgiveness For Making ‘Ted’

Youtube / USA Today
Youtube / USA Today

Many people came out to see the Pope when he was in Philadelphia, and one of those people was movie producer Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg decided to use his one moment with the Pope to ask for forgiveness.

Right after a young boy performed a moving choral solo, Wahlberg took the microphone and remarked that:

“That right there was truly the voice of an angel, but then he whispered in my ear that he loved the movie ‘Ted’. And I told him that was not appropriate for a boy of his age.”

The audience laughed, and Wahlberg continued:

“Holy Father please forgive me. I’ve always hoped that the good Lord has a sense of humor when it comes and pertains to many of the movies I’ve made.”

The Pope seemed to smile during Wahlberg’s dialogue. No word on whether he got officially forgiven or not. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Watch the full video below:

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