Florida Man KOed By Hot Sauce Bottle In Church Brawl Over Graham Crackers

Wikimedia / Evan-Amos
Wikimedia / Evan-Amos

Floridan man Shawn Deandre Thomas was eating some graham crackers at the St. George’s Church free kitchen when a 57-year-old man approached him and asked for a few crackers.

Thomas reportedly felt “disrespected” when the man asked for his graham crackers, and impulsively threw a bottle of hot sauce at his head. The man collapsed and was knocked out immediately.

A second man attempted to restrain Thomas during the incident, but Thomas punched him a throat. Both men attacked by Thomas were taken to the hospital, but their conditions are not known.

Thomas has been indicted for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and battery. Apparently he was supposed to attend a hearing last Thursday, but refused to enter the courtroom. Maybe he was still hoarding his crackers? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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