Brutal Video Shows Cop Choking 14-Year-Old Student Before Slamming Him To The Ground

Youtube / The Lyrical Elitist
Youtube / The Lyrical Elitist

The internet is baffled over this video that shows a school resource officer, unprovoked, grabbing 14-year-old Gyasi Hughes’ throat and wrestling him to the ground.

The officers were talking to Gyasi because he had had a disagreement with another student over borrowed property that escalated into the two students pushing each other. The squabble was broken up by an assistant principal who asked the resource officer to talk to Gyasi. The officer advised Gyasi to walk away, but when he began to, it was the cop who began to do some pushing:

As I was walking away the officer was pushing me in the back and I was like, ‘why are you pushing me? I’m not doing anything, I’m walking away like you told me to,” said Gyasi. “Finally we get like in this little corner and he’s (the SRO) sitting there yelling at me saying, ‘You shouldn’t be rude to the lady (assistant principal), don’t talk to her like that,’ I was like, ‘what are you talking about, I’m not doing anything.”

“Finally I asked him (the officer) to leave me alone and that’s the point when he grabbed me and took me down and tried to detain me,” said Gyasi. (Source: KXAN)

In the video there are no signs that Gyasi is about to become violent or a threat to the officers or students. Gyasi might have pushed another student, he might have been rude, but is that justification for a full on straggle-hold and tackle to the ground?

Gyasi’s father has filed an excessive force complaint, and the local police department says the incident is under review. Watch the full video below: Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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