18 Signs You’re A College Senior In Serious Denial About Graduating

Flickr / Kevin Dooley
Flickr / Kevin Dooley

1. You keep talk about cool things that will happen on campus in the future, as if you are going to be around to see them. “Oh, I heard that new dining hall off main street will be great!” Nevermind the fact you’ll probably be hundreds of miles away by the time it opens.

2. Your most common response to the “what are you doing after graduation” question is a hearty laugh.

3. You have spent actual time trying to find ways to justify another year of undergrad. Maybe that creative writing minor or interpretive dance certification would be worth another year…or three.

4. You might have even started putting money in a savings account for this fictions never-gonna-happen extra year.

5. You avoid career fairs like the plague. Yeah, they would probably be useful, but NOPE NOPE NOPE.

6. You are trying to balance an active social life with a successful academic life and have discovered to your own surprise that you are actually doing a pretty good job.

7. You’ve slowly started taking a few look on your college’s career employment website, but you don’t let yourself stay too long. It’s a scary scary place.

8. You push as many commitments on your calendar as possible. If this is your last year, it’s finally time to serve on an activities board, or parking advisory committee, or volunteer at that soup kitchen — ALL THE THINGS!

9. You’ve asked your academic advisor the words: “Are you sure I am set to graduate on time?”

10. Suddenly you are filled with more school spirit than you’ve had in the three years prior combined. You actually wear your school colors and have started going to some of the football games.

11. You’ve talked to your underclassman friends about leasing a place with them next year, just to “stick around in the area.”

12. You’re suddenly taking a shit ton of pictures and actually uploading them onto social media.

13. You go out more than you ever have before. It’s like you hope the local taco bar’s special on margaritas will somehow help you slow down time.

14. You magically become a lot more interested in dating people, right before you potentially move away forever. Makes sense.

15. You have run through your head a list of all the thing you wish you could’ve done. Four years just isn’t enough time.

16. You want to block your Facebook friends who are getting married or have full time “adult” jobs. Ugh, stop.

17. Your resume hasn’t been updated since you got your unpaid internship last summer.

18. You are scared for the future, but you know that it will be bright. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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