10 Things You Might Have Missed This Week

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1. The worst debate ever?

On October 28th, CNBC hosted a Republican debate in Boulder, Colorado and it might have been the worst thing ever. After having to wait long after 8:00pm for the debate to start, the moderators insisted on asking the most asinine questions, and if you found a shred of policy in the whole thing, it would be a miracle. Even Chris Christie had a solid moment dissing the whole thing.


The RNC has since announced that they are terminating plans to have a debate moderated by NBC in the winter, as NBC is under the same parent group as CNBC.

2. Speaking of debates, “Bad Lip Reading” came out with a dub-over of the 1st Democratic debate and the internet loved it!

3. The Today Show ruined Peanuts

In light of the new Peanuts movie, the Today Show cast decided to try their hand at some cosplay and it was, to be frank, pretty terrifying.


4. There’s a crowdfunder for the scrotum backpack nobody knew they needed (and probably don’t).

A picture of this an individual with one of these scrotum bags went viral last year, but now it is making its way to the market! Made of 100% pure scrotex (??) the startup needs to raise $33,000 to get started and establish the “Scrote ‘N’ Tote.”

The crowdfunder is about as weird as the product itself. Makes sense.

5. Athlete Abby Wambach retired from football (aka soccer)

Abby Wambach is a double Olympic gold medalist, FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, holder of the world record for most international goals, and now she is done. She told BBC that she was leaving on a “high note” and hoped to continue supporting women’s sports from a different position.

6. A ninja puppy went viral (stealthily, of course)

7. Justin Bieber very “sorry” for throwing a temper tantrum in Norway

Justin Bieber bolted from Norway after performing one song. Bieber was upset that the fans up front were interrupting him while he attempted to wipe up spilled water.

Bieber has since apologized via Instagram.

8. Gov. Chris Christie got kicked off an Amtrak car

Christie refused to keep his voice down while in the “quiet car” on a New Jersey amtrak, so the conductor asked him to leave.

9. Uber delivered adorable kittens for a 15 minute snugglefest.

Uber partnered with local animal shelters to deliver people and workplaces kittens for 15 minute snuggle sessions. This partnership is made in hopes that the “snuggle party” will lead to someone adopting the orphaned kittens.

10. Alabama “teacher of the year” resigns after state deems her “unqualified.”

Ann Marie Corgill has taught for over decades, received numerous honors for her teaching prowess, and has all basic certifications in check.

So why is the state calling her “unqualified?” Nobody seems to know.

Corgill said she was “tired of paying fees” and proving herself as an educator. Neither the school district nor state has issued official comment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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