Virginia Neighborhood Unites To Care For Abandoned Kittens

Facebook / Jen's Foster Cats
Facebook / Jen’s Foster Cats

This past summer, after being called by some concerned neighbors, Jennifer Lewis and her husband encountered a blue tupperware container on the side of the road. It had no air holes, but was filled with baby kittens that had seemingly been left to die. The kittens were described as very frightened and tame.

They knew they had to act, but nobody saw the pound as an option:

“My husband loves animal rescue as much as I do, and he will not let an animal go to the pound… even the threat of being euthanized. Taking them to the pound is not even an option.”

In total, the Lewis’s adopted a total of six kittens and the momma cat, leading to a huge financial and logistical burden. But while the Lewis household was the physical home for the kittens, the entire neighborhood played a part in taking care of them:

“Everybody has stepped up to help these kittens. All of our neighbors have expressed gratitude that we’re able to let them in our house, and take care of them because everyone can’t do something like that. [The neighborhood] raised money to get them tested, vaccinated, spayed and/or neutered so now they’re ready for their forever homes. We’ve gotten three of them homed so far, and I’m hoping we can get the rest of them homes,” Jennifer Lewis said.

So far three of the cats have been adopted into “forever homes”, and four are still looking for forever homes. Jennifer hopes that more people spay and neuter their pets.

“If people would spay or neuter their animals, we wouldn’t be in this situation. I just want people to feel like its not hopeless; you don’t have to abandon these kittens on the side of a road in a box. You can prevent it: get your animals spayed and neutered.”

She also concludes with her amazement at the kitten’s unconditional love:

They don’t hold anything against humans; they’re just so forgiving and affectionate—it’s just amazing to think they’ve been though [this] and they’re just happy and cuddly.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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