This Russian Town Is Being Ransacked By An Army Of Starving Bears

Luchegorsk, a Russian town in the far east of the nation, is suffering a unique plight: it has been overrun by a horde of starving bears.

YouTube / ОТВ Приморье
Footage of bear running wild through the city | YouTube / ОТВ Приморье

Because of an extreme shortage of nuts and berries in the region, starving bears have become to wander into the town in search of food. At least two large bears are currently wandering the town of 21,000, with an additional dozen bears circling the city outskirts.

YouTube / ОТВ Приморье
Footage of bear swimming outside the city limits | YouTube / ОТВ Приморье

Local people say they are afraid to leave their homes and that the streets are filled with the sounds of sirens and loudspeakers telling citizens not to go outside for their own safety, VladNews reported […] Kindergartens have kept children inside. (Source)

So far, bears have attacked at least two Luchegorsk residents.

YouTube / ОТВ Приморье
One of the men who was been attacked by the bears | YouTube / ОТВ Приморье

Law enforcement officials are responding to the situation by trying to chase the bears out of the city in their police cars, using loud sirens and gun shots to scare them off. In some extreme cases, the animals have been doused with fire hoses to herd them outside the city limits.

At least two bears have had to be shot since the start of their “invasion.” Authorities report that the situation is currently “improving.” TC mark

h/t The Guardian

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