Texas Woman Makes Horrifying Facebook Post Asking For Someone To ‘Shoot Her Dog’


The above image is a screenshot of an east Texas woman’s Facebook post where she implored her social media friends to come on over for a visit and shoot her dog.

She says on the post that she is “beyond deep breathing,” probably in response to someone (rightfully) telling her to calm the f*ck down. She complains that nobody around has the guts to do it.

The woman was reportedly looking to put down the pup because he frequently “got into the trash.”

A local animal rescue group got involved, posting a rival plea on Facebook for more information about the woman and to get an offer on a foster parent for this poor puppy.

Facebook / Nicholas Pet Haven
Facebook / Nicholas Pet Haven

Local police officers and animal control were dispatched to retrieve the dog. Because the woman surrendered her dog voluntarily, she will not face any criminal charges.

The puppy, Cinnamon, has already found a new home:

So glad this horrifying story had a happy ending. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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