Stormtroopers Are Millennials Too! Instagram Account Documents The Beautiful Life Of A Trooper On Earth

Darryll Eric Jones was an employed stormtropper on the Galactic Empire’s Death Star before it was totally destroyed by the Rebel Alliance. Since losing his job, Jones has moved to Earth and made a pretty good life for himself.

Instagram and Facebook social media accounts show Jones exploring art, facial hair grooming, and a host of other exciting Earthly activities.

While he initially spent a great deal of time mourning his unemployment,

He has now begun to explore a number of exciting hobbies, like cooking:

And his more artistic side:

He’s even a little sporty!

While also setting time aside for day-to-day chores:

As it turns out, maybe our planet is exactly where Jones belongs!

Keep following his adventures, Jones updates social media frequently!

I wonder if he will be going to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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