KSU Is Very Sorry That Their Marching Band Formation Looked Like A Jayhawk Performing Fellatio

Content might be NSFW depending on what exactly you see in this marching band formation…
Youtube / Michael Hausam
Youtube / Michael Hausam

When you’re apologizing for accidentally making a penis formation on live-TV, you know you’ve hit a new low.

The Kansas State University marching band was attempting to depict their rival’s mascot — a jayhawk — being attacked by the starship Enterprise. Instead, they depicted a giant penis pointed toward the mascot.

The band is very sorry for this misunderstanding.

They even published a drill chart of what the march was suppose to look like.

Facebook / K-State Marching Band
Facebook / K-State Marching Band

Some people have come to KSU’s defense, saying that while in the stadium the formation looked exactly like the starship Enterprise, and not at all like a phallic member, but come on now…

5 second clip from video footage looped in GIF form.

Maybe next time just try an easier (or better) routine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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