Having Sex May Cure Your Fear Of Flying, Study Says

Flickr / Erin Kelly
Flickr / Erin Kelly

Tom Bunn is the founder of SOAR, an organization dedicated to eradicating people’s fear of flying in airplanes. The group has recently released an unorthodox method of treatment: sex.

Bunn eagerly tells stories about clients who have been relieved of their fear through this racy cure:

“I had a male client who said he had a fear of flying for seven years. Every time he flew he was totally miserable, except for one time when, before he came back from a business trip, he hooked up with someone. He said they didn’t get any sleep. They made love all night long and he dragged himself out of bed onto the airplane and had a perfectly anxiety-free flight.”

What’s crazy is there is some pseudo-science behind this claim. A lengthy Fox News report goes through the studies, and explains how memory consolidation is a root for anxiety and how preventing anxious memories from consolidating (aka sticking around). Bunn elaborates:

“Oxytocin is produced during foreplay when the chemistry is right between two people. [My client] was still producing oxytocin because of his intense, all-night experience. Maybe he was still picking up her scent. But whatever it was, he produced oxytocin through the whole flight. He was fine.”

Bunn concludes, however, by saying that getting laid is only one of many methods that could assist in overcoming a fear of flight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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