Drug Dealer Puts The Wrong Number In His Phone, Accidentally Texts Narcotics Cop About Selling Drugs

Flickr / Faris Algosaibi
Flickr / Faris Algosaibi

29-year-old Floridan William Lamberson’s fate was sealed the moment that he accidentally mistyped a number into his phone. Instead of putting in the number of some guy he met a few nights back, he accidentally added a narcotics officer from the Martin County Sheriff’s department.

The transcript of the text conversation between the two of them is below:


COP: Who is this?

SUSPECT: ‘Its Will, remember we met at 7-11’ ‘LOL”

COP: What’s up

SUSPECT: Not much dude wanna smoke so bad u have any green

COP: I don’t know you. Send me a pic.

The cop, understanding that he was communicating with a drug dealer, decided to use this stroke of fate to bring a felon to justice:

COP: Lol. Whassup. Chillin here. You got any hooks for sum blow

SUSPECT: I actually do man. Lol

COP: Can you get me an 8

SUSPECT: too =) and it’s a solid connect too u looking for a ball

COP: Yah man. Hook a brotha up

SUSPECT: OK I gotchu bro. They’re all bagged up in .6 bags that cool

SUSPECT: I just gotta swing thru my boys house. Its not stomped on either

When Lamberson (the suspect) arrived at the agreed location, however, he didn’t see a client, but rather, a squad of police officers ready to take him into custody. He was arrested with possession and intent to sell cocaine.

Make sure you copy down people’s phone numbers correctly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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