91-Year-Old Man Shoots At Landscapers Because They Got Grass On His Car

Youtube / ABC Action News
Youtube / ABC Action News

Robert Hendrix probably never thought that a landscaping job would put his life at risk, but I guess life is full of surprises.

While working on a yard, Hendrix accidentally got some grass on an elderly neighbor’s car. It was just a little grass, but the neighbor, 91-year-old Max Horton, was not very understanding.

The two got into an argument about the mess, presumably with Hendrix thinking it wasn’t a big deal, and Horton vehemently disagreeing. The discussion became increasingly heated, culminating with Horton pulling a handgun out of his pants and pointing it at Hendrix. Horton told Hendrix to get on his knees, and that he was going to kill him.

“You don’t shoot someone over a piece of grass.” — Johnny Barnes
Youtube / ABC Action News
Youtube / ABC Action News

This is when a second landscaper — Johnny Barnes — attempted to mediate the situation, but an irate Horton just responded by firing a round of shoots off in Hendrix’s direction (nobody was injured). The two men then managed to restrain Horton until local police officers arrived. After his arrest, Horton was not permitted within the nearby Florida Hospital for medical examination because he had previously threatened staff there by saying, “I have a gun in my car, and you’ll be sorry if I have to get it.”

Horton is being held on first-degree murder charges. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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