17 Things You Should Do Instead Of Watching A Football Game You Don’t Care About

I currently attend a large university where seemingly everyone is obsessed with sports — particularly football — and everyone else is constantly pressured in being just as interested. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying sports, for those of us who prefer a different cup of tea, maybe there’s other stuff we could be doing!
Flickr / John St John
Flickr / John St John

1. Sleep in. Those noon games are way too freakin’ early for a weekend.

2. Read a book. Think of how quiet it will be around your apartment or dorm. It’ll be beautiful.

3. Go for a relaxing walk. Instead of trying to smuggle a nine dollar bottle of vodka into the stadium, why not take a 100% free and tranquil stroll around a local park. It’s also a perfect time to field-test your cute fall outfits!

4. Treat yourself to a shopping trip. Avoid the usual weekend rush by going during the football game. While people are glued to their televisions or packed into bleachers you’ll be snagging some awesome seasonal bargains!

5. Study or catch up on work. Whether your night plans are an evening on the town or a cozy night with Netflix, it will feel SO much better knowing that all your shit is taken care of.

6. Eat at some cool restaurant that is usually super busy but might be dead because of the game.

7. Actually invest in that favorite hobby you never have time for. Finish that painting, work on your book, build something with legos, etc.

8. Reconnect with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

9. Try cooking some new elaborate recipe, if you fail, treat yourself to something from Seamless.

10. Watch some 90s cartoons. Enjoy some side-splitting laughs with your old friends “The Rugrats,” “Rocket Power,” and “Hey Arnold!”

11. Go to a museum, art gallery, or library. The internet makes us forget how cool it is to see stuff in person! Grab a friend, or grab yourself, and take a trip to a some sort of public culture center.

12. Re-read old writing or school assignments. You’ll smile at how far you’ve come.

13. Update your resume or LinkedIn account. Even if you love your current job, it is always smart to be ready to seize the next great opportunity!

14. Handwrite a cute note to someone you care about.

15. Dance like nobody’s watching (because nobody is, they are all doing their “sports” things).

16. Have sex. Because it’s def better than sports.

17. If your dentist has weekend hours, finally get that overdue root canal procedure done, because it’s still better than wasting your time pretending to be interested in something you aren’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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