Watch This Video Of A Woman Turning Down A Date Because He’s Muslim

Youtube / AreWeFamousNow
Youtube / AreWeFamousNow

A YouTuber wanted to find out how different woman would react if he politely asked them for dates while wearing a weird shirt. But it wasn’t his funky wardrobe that drove this woman away: it was his religion.

While she was a little hesitant to give out her number initially, she told him that he was “cute” and eventually agreed after chatting for a minute. But that was before she learned about his religion. The YouTuber, Karim, is Muslim, and apparently that was an absolute non-starter for the woman. When she found out, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, and wasn’t going to bother being polite about it:

WOMAN: Delete my number, no seriously, delete my number.

KARIM: Why? Is it because I’m Muslim?

WOMAN: Yes! It is because you’re Muslim! I don’t associate with people who up beat their wives, behead people, do all this crazy stuff!

And if the video itself isn’t crazy enough, it gets worse. The conservative website GOPthedailydose ran a piece congratulating the woman for her stance, and the commenters on the site totally agreed.

It is absolutely insane that this world is populated with so many ignorant people. The Muslim faith is not any less peaceful than the Christian faith, and associating people with the very worst of their group will only leave the entire world as villains. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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