Traveler Live-Tweets Every Excruciating Moment Of An In-Flight Breakup

Twitter / Kelly Keegs
Twitter / Kelly Keegs

Kelly Keggs was sitting on a flight that was delayed for takeoff when the entire plane became an audience for a couple’s spectacularly dramatic break-up. Not one to let this moment get lost in history, Keggs live-tweeted the entire messy affair:

The guy proceeds to say it like it is (aka be an asshole).

And neither of them care? Lololol funny jokes.

But the drama has only just begun —

Maybe some sort of live entertainment should be provided with all flight delays??

And the dialogue escalates again!

Suddenly a pause in the storm.

…then it roars up again.

But once the flight finally took off, there was a game-changer!

If anybody ever happens to see a dramatic couple (or ex couple?) on their flight, make sure to get on Twitter and tell the rest of us what ended up happening between these two! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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