This San Francisco Police Officer’s Job Is To Spy On Your Instagram (And He Gets Paid To Do It)

Flickr / omk_489
Flickr / omk_489

This isn’t a crazy spin-off of George Orwell’s 1984, this is totally real. San Francisco Police Officer Eduard Ochoa is the department’s “Instagram Officer.”

When people post pictures of criminal activities on Instagram, Officer Ochoa is there watching.

“We don’t take [Instagram] lightly. We have an obligation to the citizens of our city to do everything we can to combat illegal activity,” a SFPD spokesman said.

The officer has arrested at least two Instagram-suspects so far, including a 17-year-old who went by the username “40glock-” was charged with illegally possessing firearms. This discovery also lead to the arrest of Marquis Mendez, who also appeared in photos with “40glock-” but was on probation.

“I saw [the minor] and Marquis Mendez, all possessing a firearm at one point or another in these Instagram photographs. I knew [appellant] was on probation. I knew Mr. Mendez was a wanted felon and a prohibited person,” Officer Ochoa testified.

So, everyone, be careful before you post a photo of you at some house party if you are under 21, or a photo of you jaywalking. The San Francisco Police have someone watching you. TC mark

h/t Marketwatch

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