This Illogical Anti-Feminism Facebook Post Will Make Your Blood Boil

Flickr / H.I.L.T.
Flickr / H.I.L.T.

Privilege is a societal inequity where one group has an advantage over another. Different groups have different privileges — some more than others. The male gender is a group that, on the whole, has more privilege than the female gender. That is not to say that guys don’t face cultural hurdles and oppressions, but just that their “male privilege” does give them a leg-up in today’s human society.

One Facebook poster, however, decided to use some male struggles to “debunk” feminism and male privilege:

Source: Imgur

This post tries to (1) reduce feminism to two small issues that are significant, but periphery and (2) try to diminish the inherent institutional “privilege” of being a guy.

Don’t get me wrong, being male has pitfalls that this post accurately addresses. But trying to use that as an argument to “debunk” male privilege is completely silly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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