These Posts From A Facebook User Who Thinks The Earth Is Flat Will Make You Fear For Our Future

While the idea of a round earth was perhaps debatable when Aristotle advocated for it in 330 BC, it stands today as a fairly “settled” scientific debate. But apparently not for this Facebook user.

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Maybe the post was just a bad joke? Hahaha? Right??

Sadly, no.

A second brave Facebook user decides to challenge this view.

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OP’s YouTube video fails to convince the responding user:

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And then, the grand finale:

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As it turns out, there is a fairly active “Flat Earth Society” presence online, and apparently Antarctica is really the perimeter of our “flat” planet which is guarded by secret world government officers.

Who knew? TC mark


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  • Claire St. Hilaire

    I have to agree with the muppet on this one. What is terrifying is that these people can vote… Makes for a disturbingly entertaining blog post though :) Thanks for sharing!

  • jackunderclassy

    Of course the earth is flat! It is also at the centre of the universe and hollow! God you guys are dumb…. Jet fuel also cannot melt steel beams

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