The Top 5 Questions Everyone Is Asking Our Presidential Candidates (According to Google)

Flickr / DonkeyHotey
Flickr / DonkeyHotey

In this modern age, Google doesn’t just answer our question, it also tells us what questions we are all asking. Google revealed the top 5 questions everyone is asking about some top presidential candidates, and we decided to answer them all!

Hillary Clinton

Flickr / Marc Nozell
Flickr / Marc Nozell

How old is Hillary Clinton?


Is Hillary Clinton a Democrat?


Is Hillary Clinton running in 2016?


How tall is Hillary Clinton?

5′ 7″

Will Hillary Clinton win the election?

I asked a magic eight ball, and it said the outlook was good.

Donald Trump

Flickr / Gage Skidmore
Flickr / Gage Skidmore

How old is Donald Trump?


What is Donald Trump’s net worth?

While he claims to be worth over $10 billion, Forbes pegs him at around $4 billion USD.

Who is Donald Trump?

Real estate mogul and television show host. He’s made a lot of money going bankrupt and has made a lot of news saying pretty offensive / bizarre stuff.

Is Donald Trump running for President?


Will Donald Trump be President?

Prolly not.

Jeb Bush

Flickr / John Pemble
Flickr / John Pemble

How old is Jeb Bush?


Who is Jeb Bush?

Former Governor of Florida.

How tall is Jeb Bush?

6′ 3″

What is Jeb Bush’s full name?

John Ellis Bush. (I don’t actually know if that’s where his nickname came from, but it is kinda funny regardless).

Is Jeb Bush related to President Bush?

Yes. They are brothers.

Bernie Sanders

Flickr / Marc Nozell
Flickr / Marc Nozell

How old is Bernie Sanders?


Who is Bernie Sanders?

Senator from Vermont who is a self-declared democratic socialist.

Is Bernie Sanders Jewish?

Yes, though he says he is not himself “particularly religious.”

Is Bernie Sanders a Socialist?

A democratic socialist. Ya know, redistributive programs without the revolution or “war of the proletariate” sort of thing.

Is Bernie Sanders married?


Martin O’Malley

Flickr / Karen Murphy
Flickr / Karen Murphy

Who is Martin O’Malley?

Former Governor of Maryland.

Is Martin O’Malley a Democrat?


How old is Martin O’Malley?


Is Martin O’Malley pro-GMO?

Couldn’t find any conclusive evidence on this one, and it seems like a somewhat random policy question., that has a comprehensive policy quiz also couldn’t determine O’Malley’s stance. Needless to say, every scientific study pretty much ever, underlines that there is no danger in consuming GMO food….so, yeah.

Why was Martin O’Malley booed?

For saying “All lives matter,” which is a common retort to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Mike Huckabee

Flickr / Brennan
Flickr / Brennan

What did Mike Huckabee say about Obama?

Which time??

What did Mike Huckabee say about the Holocaust?

He said that President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran would, “take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven,” which is a reference to a method of execution in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

How old is Mike Huckabee?


Who is Mike Huckabee?

Former Governor of Arkansas who also worked for Fox News for a while. Very religiously conservative. Far-right wing.

What did Mike Huckabee say about Iran?

His “Iran” statement is the same as his “Holocaust” statement.

Lindsey Graham

Flickr / Gage Skidmore
Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Who is Lindsey Graham?

United States Senator from South Carolina.

Is Lindsey Graham married?


What is Lindsey Graham’s phone number?

A reference to when Donald Trump read his phone number out on live-TV. Not reposting it here, sadly haha.

Where is Lindsey Graham from?

South Carolina.

How old is Lindsey Graham?


George Pataki

Flickr / George Pataki
Flickr / George Pataki

Is George Pataki running for President?

Yeah, I guess so.

Who is George Pataki?

Former Governor of New York.

Why is George Pataki running for President?

Good question…

How old is George Pataki?


Is George Pataki a Democrat?


 Chris Christie

Flickr / Chris Christie
Flickr / Chris Christie

How old is Chris Christie?


Is Chris Christie running for President?


How much does Chris Christie weigh?

We don’t know exactly, but many people estimate that he has lost over 100 pounds since becoming governor of New Jersey.

How is Chris Christie doing in the polls?

Eh, okay. He’s in the top 10 of most polls, clocking in with 3 or 4% of total support.

Where is Chris Christie today?

Idk, I don’t have a GPS on him at the moment. Probably in New Jersey? Maybe campaigning somewhere? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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