Someone Photoshopped The Necks Out Of These Cute Animal Pictures And The Results Are Adorable

Who knew that animals could get even more adorable!? There is a community of people on Reddit and other sites that photoshop the necks out of animals and here are the hilariously adorable results:

1. Bison

Source: Imgur

2. Meerkat

Source: Imgur

3. Grizzly Bear

Source: Imgur

4. Baby Hippopotamus

Source: Imgur

5. Sheep

Source: Imgur

6. Corgis

Source: Imgur

7. Another Dog

Source: Imgur

8. Giraffe

Source: Imgur

9. Pig

Source: Imgur

10. Zebra

Source: Imgur

11. Little Birdie

Source: Tumblr

Ugh I love animals!! TC mark

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  • Heather

    I want the hippo :)

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