Sephora Is Starting A Delivery Service And Your Life Will Never Be The Same

Flickr / Mike Mozart
Flickr / Mike Mozart

This is a game changer.

Sephora has just announced that they will be starting a delivery service where subscribers are sent a box filled with their product every month. Like, the box filled with Sephora goodies will be dropped right on your doorstep.

The new program is called Play! by Sephora and it will probably cost roughly $10 a month. Each month’s box will be based around a theme, and will come with bonus samples and in-store coupons (so Sephora can get even more of your money).

The service will have a pilot run in Boston, Cincinnati, and Columbus, this fall and will hopefully to be rolled out in other places in 2016.

Sooo are people excited about this or nah?

Yeah, I’d say people are pretty excited. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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