No Student Will Ever Go Hungry If This School Has Anything To Say About It

Flickr / Randy Heinitz
Flickr / Randy Heinitz

Many kids across the United States rely extensively on free lunches to meet their daily nutrition needs. According to the federal government, over 31 million children in America participate in the national free lunch program. The program is an amazing initiative that allows students to focus on their studies and not their growling stomachs.

There is a small snag, however. The program only feeds children during the week while they are at school. Many families in intense poverty might not even make enough to adequately provide their kids any meals.

An elementary school saw many kids running up to the lunch line on Monday, having eaten hardly anything over the weekend. Not content to allow their students to go hungry, they decided to take action. The school sent this form home with all students:

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The school doesn’t require the kids to prove their income level, take unwarranted drug tests, or provide documentation that they are actively “searching” for food outside of the program. They don’t force them to give demeaning evidence of their need, they just want to fill it.

What an awesome model for our entire nation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

More information about the national Backpack Program organization can be found on their website.

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