A New Hampshire Fair Says Patrons Can’t Sleep With The Animals Anymore, And People Are Pissed

Flickr / Jennifer Rafieyan
Flickr / Jennifer Rafieyan

The Cheshire Fair in New Hampshire had a decades long tradition of animal owners sleeping with their livestock in the barns. Thanks to a federal fire code order however, that tradition is coming to an abrupt end, and people are pissed off.

“I’m extremely upset. Sleeping in the barns is safer for both the cattle and their owners rather than people sleeping in tents and campers,” farmer Sheldon Sawyer said.

Sawyer says that he has slept with his animals in barns across the entire state, and he doesn’t understand why he can’t at the Cheshire Fair.

Some people responded less aggressively than Sawyer, but felt that a compromise could be found, like fair-goer Kourtne P. Flanders:

“I personally feel people could still sleep in the barns as long as there aren’t things like coffee pots and microwaves hooked up […] I understand the need to keep people safe.”

Sleeping in the barns were always against code, but it only came to the local fire department’s attention after they had to respond to a bonfire at last year’s fair. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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