Love Is A Lie Because Kermit The Frog And Miss Piggy Are DONE

Flickr / sunshinecity
Flickr / sunshinecity

There’s some gossip coming from the world of the Muppets, and it is heartbreaking. After years of ups and downs, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy are breaking up. They both sent out tweets with a previously arranged statement on the matter:

After spending several long moments being completely despondent, I decided to do the world a solid and update their wikipedia entries:

What is next for the pair? Will Piggie decide to have a rebound with Gonzo? Will Kermit experience a rebirth as a “forever alone” Netflix-watching millennial? Ugh why do all good things have to end??

…I guess love is a lie. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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