Ladies, This Is Why You’re Always Cold At The Office

Thought Catalog's  Mélanie Berliet huddled up with a cozy cardigan in chilly office.
Thought Catalog’s Mélanie Berliet huddled up with a cozy jacket in chilly office.

It seems to be a time-honored tradition in offices and cubicles across America that women will complain about how chilly it is. Wearing sweaters in the sweltering summer heat, and plugging mini space heaters under their desks are only some of the lengths that our ladies have to go through to stay warm at work.

But maybe this isn’t the way it has to be.

A recently published study confirms that “females prefer a higher room temperature than males in home and office situations,” but central air and heating is programmed to accommodate a 154 pound man wearing multiple layers (i.e. a full business suit).

The variation in temperature preference comes down to the differences in how men and women dress (women often wear skirts with bare legs) and also in their respective metabolic rates. Men have a higher rate than women, often resulting in higher internal body temperatures.

Men are upset that their patriarchal air conditioning system seems to be crumbling before their very eyes. They have taken to Twitter, trying to put the blinders back over our enlightened eyes:

But the ladies know where it’s at:

But really, seeing as men aren’t even wearing suits that often, maybe there is a compromise to be had here? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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