Judge Joe Brown Is Going To Jail

Flickr / Public Affairs
Flickr / Public Affairs

TV celebrity “Judge” Joe Brown is on the other side of justice now. He recently turned himself in to Memphis police in order to serve a 5 day jail stint as a consequence for a contempt of court sentence he received in 2014.

Brown got the sentence while attempting to represent a woman in her child support case. Brown adamantly believed that the case should be dismissed, and went a bit off the rails when the court’s magistrate did not immediately comply with his wish.

“I almost felt nauseated looking at it. When I insisted that the woman’s charges be dismissed, [the magistrate] started talking about, ‘I’m not an attorney’ so-and-so. … I said, ‘You know it’s wrong. You’re better than this.'”

The full audio of Brown’s exchange with the magistrate is below:


How everyone who has ever been chided by Brown on his television court for not being respectful is feeling atm:


Hopefully the good judge has learned a valuable lesson. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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