Is A Serial Dater Using Tinder To Pawn Free McDonalds Coffees Off Her Unsuspecting Victims?

Flickr / tales of a wandering youkai
Flickr / tales of a wandering youkai

A Tumblr user posted about how he thinks he got McDuped into buying a girl some coffee. He isn’t bothered by someone bailing on a date, but rather how he feels like a pawn within a greater McCafe agenda.

He theorizes that this wasn’t a one-off thing, but in fact a grand operational heist to acquire more McDonalds coffees and McCafe loyalty stamps that anyone ever has before. He tells his entire story below:

Source: Imgur

For all you guys on dating apps, watch out for the girl who wants to meet up at a McDonalds. She might just be using for in pursuit of McCafe frequent customer stamps… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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