Chinese Woman Can’t Decide If She Wants Unicorn Horn Removed From Her Head

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Youtube / News & Media

Liang Xiuzhen is an 87-year-old resident of China’s Ziyang City. She also has a unicorn horn growing out of her head.

The “horn” originally presented itself as an itchy mole that Liang complained about for about eight years. Two years ago, however, the mole began to grow outward into a “mini horn” that was roughly the size of a pinky finger. When Liang accidentally broke that growth off, however, it grew back at an alarming speech to resemble the large horn that exists today.

The growth has been diagnosed as a “cornu cutaneum” which is a skin tumor that has the appearance of a horn. Besides being cosmetically undesirable, the horn poses other health concerns.

“At the moment it’s just painful. Sometimes it’s so painful it will wake me up from sleep,” Liang said.

The skin around the growth can also bleed profusely, posing both hygienic and health problems. Doctors have said that they can remove the horn via surgery, but Liang’s son initially expressed reluctancies about that approach.

“My mother is old, and the horn is on her head which is a very sensitive area. I’m not confident [in the idea of] surgery. If something goes wrong, it would be terrible.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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