Traveler Is Asked To Put Her Dog In Its Cage And What Happened Next Was Unbelievable

Youtube / MrAdownie
Youtube / MrAdownie

A United Airlines flight was about to take off when a woman took her dog out of its carrier and set it on her lap. The canine was growling and barking, and per protocol, the flight attendants asked her to place it back in the cage.

Then everything came unhinged.

The woman refused to put her dog in the pet carrier, even after being ordered to do so, and the plane returned to the terminal so the authorities could talk to the woman. That’s where this crazy video begins.

The user who originally uploaded the video stated that the woman attacked the cops who were apprehending her, and you can hear the woman getting arrested at the very end of the clip.

I’m sue we are all waiting with bated breath for her day in court against America. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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