Woman Masturbates While Driving And Ends Up Crashing Into Another Car

Flickr / John
Flickr / John

A woman was probably pulled out of quite a nice fantasy when her car hit the bumper of the “M&J Seafood” van in front of her. The woman, who was apparently quite attractive (people have been awkwardly referring to her as very “fit”) was cooperative after the accident, and gave the van driver all her information.

But when M&J Seafood looked at some surveillance footage of the incident to prepare their insurance claim, they realized that the accident had an interesting cause: the woman had been distracted from the road by the sex toy she was using to pleasure herself while driving.

The company driven had apparently been worried that he would get fired because he was in this accident on his very first shift. His bosses, however, assured him that it wasn’t his fault.

“The bosses told him it wasn’t his fault and then said ‘Have you seen this?’. He was like ‘what the f**k’. They all had a good laugh. Apparently the lady was pretty fit.”

Apparently there have been a flood of requests for M&J Seafood to release the video, but they are declining, saying the entire matter is in the hands of their insurers.

Some commenters have suggested that this story reveals a societal double standard. They suggest that if a man was discovered “pleasuring himself” in a similar situation he would be labeled a “pervert” while this story is mostly being laughed off.

Yahoo News
Yahoo News

At the very least, this woman will get her just deserts in the form of an incredibly bizarre insurance rate hike. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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