What This Woman Found In Her Store-Bought Salmon Will Make You Give Up Fish Forever (Maybe)

Facebook / Jen Chafitz
Facebook / Jen Chafitz

Jen Chafitz and her husband were preparing to enjoy a nice home-cooked meal. But it turns out that someone else was enjoying it first.

These ‘lil guys.

Facebook / Jen Chafitz

The fish was infested with parasitic worms that were swimming around in the salmon under the plastic-wrapped package. To say Chafitz was surprised would be an understatement:

“She was screaming my name, and I thought something horrible had happened. I come rushing in, and she was like ‘You need to look at these worms, these worms!'” Her husband told KNXV.

This story exploded into public light when Chafitz posted a version of this video on her Facebook account. It was eventually shared over 5,000 times, and the story was picked up by local media.


The salmon was purchased at Fry’s grocery store, and to their credit, the chain has said that they are investigating whether any of their other fish product has been infested. While in actuality, cooking the fish would have killed the worms and left it perfectly safe to eat, it is still super icky and freaky. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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