We’re All Making The Same Dumbass Joke About Jared From Subway

Modified from Twitter / First Coast News
Modified from Twitter / First Coast News

The internet has made the spread of information so so much easier, and the digital age has opened the doors to almost instantaneous news. The internet has sped up the world, and left far less time for deliberating and considering the current #trend, because chances are, it’s only going to last fifteen minutes or so anyway.

And so we embrace mob mentality. We embrace bandwagoning. We embrace inappropriate off-color jokes.

We embrace anything that makes it possible for us to sound-off on any and every issue that comes our way. We condemn people in our court of public opinion where the trials last maybe three minutes, and that’s only if we are in a break between Netflix episodes.

And so that brings us to today’s topic: Jared Fogle from Subway. Much of the internet seems dead chuffed that they have all somehow figured out this brilliant joke:



^ This guy called it.

Jared Fogle might be guilty, CBS has confirmed that he is indeed a suspect in a criminal investigation, and that doesn’t look too good. And if he is guilty we should lock him up and throw the key down the garbage disposal.

But maybe we can be a little less flippant about everything? Maybe we can stop treating it as so much of a joke (when it isn’t actually a joke at all). And maybe we should remember that there is a time period between accused of a crime, and being found guilty of a crime.

Let’s discuss these serious issues, yes, but let’s not stoop to funny funny (not) puns about what could end being a pretty heinous charge. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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